Want To Feel Calmer And More Focused?

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is:

  • Non-medical
  • Non-invasive
  • Diagnosis agnostic
  • No unwanted side-effects
  • Safe for all ages and all brains.
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The Benefits of Brain Training Are Endless

Similar to meditation, the benefits of optimizing your brain can effect each aspect of your life. 

Increase Focus

Improve your attention, increase your focus and find yourself more productive

Improve Sleep

9 out of 10 clients report better sleep with brain training. When you sleep better, everything is better.

Reduce Anxiety

When your central nervous system is centered optimized the anxieties melt away.

Improve Self-Esteem

When your brain is able to stay calm and focused you find the top of your game.

Improve Self-Regulation

When the central nervous system is balanced and self-aware, regulation is a natural result.

Better Manage Stress

Turn off that monkey mind so you can focus on what really matters and stop stressing about the rest.

Neuroptimal by Number

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Years on the market

Designed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal is state-of-the-art technology

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Million sessions

Since 1999, over 4 million sessions have been provided

Minutes per session

In half an hour you can be optimizing your brain and changing your life


How it Works

Adults, teens, and children can train their brains in our Albany office (single or tandem sessions) or in the comfort of your home with a rental unit.

Sensors are placed on your scalp and ears that feed the electrical activity from your brain to the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Software.

During the 33 minute session, you listen to music (or some children prefer to watch a movie.) The software creates a feedback loop by disrupting audio output when it detects an instability or change in your brain activity.

Your brain uses this information to organize and optimize. Our auditory perception is always on so even if you fall asleep, read a book, or reply to emails during your session you are getting the benefits of brain training!

What is Brain Training?

Like the conductor of an orchestra, the brain directs all other processes in your body: moving, speaking, thinking, learning, feeling, remembering, and even your heart beating.

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Stress puts the brain in a disorganized state so it’s not operating at its best, and the other systems can suffer as a result.  Symptoms like anxiety, distractibility, hypersensitivity and trouble sleeping increase when the brain is disorganized.

Brain training sessions are like letting your brain look into a mirror.  The feedback tells the brain what it’s doing and the brain uses that information to make adjustments and optimize.  

Your brain wants to perform as its best and training gives it the information needed to do so.

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A well trained brain is flexible, resilient, and better able to deal with distractions, anxiety and just about anything.  We use state-of-the-art NeurOptimal Neurofeedback to make your brain a SuperBrain.

1 Minute NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Explainer Video

  • After a single session, our 11 year old son stated that he felt calmer and more in control of his thoughts...and asked for more time with his brain trainer! His behaviors were noticeably different: calmer, more patient, less reactive and more responsive. As a family, we have all trained and believe the benefits are far reaching: reducing stress and anxiety while helping to focus on what’s most important in a calmer manner.
  • Brain training with Carleigh is amazing. After one session the calmness and clarity are notable. It feels like a deep meditation and my whole body feels better after a session, not just my brain. Carleigh has a thoughtful calmness that is the perfect guide to set you up. I look forward to my Brain train sessions and find that I actively crave it when I don't do it. I can't say enough good things about SuperBrain in general, and will definitely be continuing to see how many more positive effects come to light!
  • Carleigh is super knowledgeable and explains the process and purpose in a way that is easy to understand. She is a pleasure to work with and a session at Superbrain is always such a refreshing treat.
  • My experience with SuperBrain was all positive. Carleigh is very passionate and knowledgeable about the NeurOptimal system. She was available when I needed her and provided as much explanation, research, and discussion as I asked. The sessions gave me an increased self-awareness that allowed me to shift direction in a subtle way towards a healthier path. It’s a shift that may be hard for others to measure and understand directly, but for me it has been substantial.
  • I can't say enough about how SuperBrain has changed my autistic son's life. From the first session, he uncharacteristically cooperated because he enjoyed the sessions so much. Because he's non-verbal it's hard to know what helps him and what doesn't but it was immediately obvious that sessions were making him calmer and more verbal. Carleigh, who runs SuperBrain is an amazing human being and even though my son's words are limited, he started saying, "Carleigh" because he wanted to go to another session. Neurofeedback has improved his energy, his language and his sleep. Absolutely recommend it to anyone!
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