Because it’s so good and helped so much, I had to share it!

I’m a recovered Type-A, over-achieving, always frazzled, working mom of two.  

Now calmly present and enjoying all the crazy, messy moments of my work and family.

And YOU can TOO.

 I used to be in a constant state of FRAZZLED. The day to day juggle of work, home, kids, and relationship kept me like a tightly wound string fraying with each new twist (or homework battle.) It was hard to fall asleep. It was hard to stay asleep.  It was hard to stay positive. It was hard to stay patient.  

Life felt HARD.

I wasn’t looking to fix my struggle.  I accepted my struggle as being a working parent.

I was looking for another tool to help my child who struggles with attention issues.  After all the OT, ET, evals and accommodations, it seemed we still needed to do more to not fall behind in school.

Enter (or Re-Enter) Neurofeedback

After a suggestion from a trusted professional, I discovered NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback isn’t new to me, I studied biofeedback and neurofeedback at University back before I had kids.  I have seen its amazing results time and time again, especially with attention and anxiety struggles. I set out to learn all I could about this  “new” dynamical neurofeedback protocol.

The selling point for me was that we could take the system home (one less appointment to juggle and we could all do it!)

We rented a unit and my whole family started brain training.

The results for all of us have been fantastic. While it was my daughter’s learning differences that drove me to find this tool, I found the most significant rewards were my own.  

I was immediately sleeping better and soon (about 13 sessions in) began to feel a focus and centering that I have never known.  My daily frazzle and chaos now feels calm and centered. I am more patient, more positive, and the daily grind doesn’t feel so hard.  Side effects of better sleep and less stress just seem to keep accumulating: I’m not suffering TMJ pain, no PMS, consuming way less alcohol, I’m more productive but less rushed, and I could go on and on with the little shifts that keep showing up.

My daughter has seen an increase in focus and a decrease in homework resistance. Homework that used to take 2 hours of supervised effort is now 30 minutes and often self-directed and completed. Her teachers have all noticed her improvement.  She absolutely loves to brain train and requests it!

My son who has struggled with anxiety his whole life is going to bed easily, sleeping better, and certainly smiles a lot more these days.  So many people have noticed and commented on the change in him.

I knew I had to share this with other parents struggling with kids who have attention and anxiety issues.

I knew I had to share this with others who have trouble sleeping.

I knew I had to share this with others who are tightly wound and suffer for it with headaches, TMJ, and other stress-related issues.

We all can use one more tool in our toolbox on this journey to raise healthy, self-regulated, joyful children.  I am glad you are here, reading this, and I hope you will try this tool for yourself and your family.

 Bring your child in for a session and I’ll train your first session free.

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