Announcing the Bay Area Brain Spa now open!


Neurofeedback education at Solano Stroll
Solano Stroll 2019. Carleigh and Angela

After a year of collaborating with Angela Martinucci of Mind Balance to bring our monthly neurofeedback community days to as many people as we could, we have partnered to open a full-time community neurofeedback spa to continue to provide affordable neurofeedback and to educate our community about the benefits of brain training.

Bay Area Brain Spa Community Neurofeedback and Wellness Center will offer neurofeedback in a spa-like setting.  Please visit the new site to learn more and make sure you subscribe to the Bay Area Brain Spa mailing list to be updated on events and offerings.

We reside in the front suite of 1496 Solano Ave, Albany, CA.

You’ve likely passed this beautiful 1929 Craftsman many times!  We are across the street from some local favorites like Naveanna, Grove, Orange Theory, Bowl’d, and House of Curries.  You can usually park just around the corner on Curtis next to Safeway.

Bay Area Brain Spa

SuperBrain’s New Home

SuperBrain Neurofeedback will continue to offer private individual and family neurofeedback sessions and home neurofeedback rental systems outside of brain spa hours.

I look forward to seeing you there!


About SuperBrain Neurofeedback

SuperBrain Neurofeedback offers in-person brain training and home rental neurofeedback units for the whole family in Albany, Ca.

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