The Benefits of Neurofeedback
Are Endless

The benefits of neurofeedback are similar to the benefits of meditation. Optimizing your brain and regulating your central nervous system can have a positive effect on all other aspects of your life.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback optimizes the whole brain without targeting any specific issue or symptom.  There is no push.  It is a gentle training that allows your brain to optimize without any side-effects.  This is how all brains can benefit and no-diagnosis is needed.  Some of the most common improvements reported with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback include: 

Increase Focus

Improve your attention, increase your focus and find yourself more productive

Improve Sleep

9 out of 10 clients report better sleep with brain training. When you sleep better, everything is better.

Reduce Anxiety

When your central nervous system is centered optimized the anxieties melt away.

Improve Self-Esteem

When your brain is able to stay calm and focused you find the top of your game.

Improve Self-Regulation

When the central nervous system is balanced and self-aware, regulation is a natural result.

Better Manage Stress

Turn off that monkey mind so you can focus on what really matters and stop stressing about the rest.

neurofeedack benefits
neurofeedback benefits


I highly recommend Carleigh and Neuroptimal neurofeedback. From the first inquiry call, every interaction with Carleigh has felt like chatting with a dear friend. I’ve had several head injuries and neurofeedback has come up a few times as something to try. The online booking, community days, and specials have made this treatment accessible as it has been challenging to get through my health insurance. I was amazed by the ease of it. I felt more relaxed from the first session, and with continued use saw improvement in gait, circulation, and cognitive function. Each improvement in health draws clarity in life decisions overall, and I’m so grateful.

❤️, Sarah


“Carleigh’s SuperBrain work is almost miraculous. I’ve had this sustainable sense of calm, ever since my first training. I want to get back there, as soon as we un-shelter!”

Leslie – Marin County


“Brain training with Carleigh has been an integral part of my weekly self-care. Just as important as getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising, brain training has become one of my most effective mental reset tools.”

Vika Teicher, Nutrition Instructor and mother of two


“After a single session, our 11-year-old son stated that he felt calmer and more in control of his thoughts…and asked for more time with his brain trainer!  His behaviors were noticeably different: calmer, more patient, less reactive, and more responsive.  As a family, we have all trained and believe the benefits are far-reaching: reducing stress and anxiety while helping to focus on what’s most important in a calmer manner.”

Parent of PANDAS syndrome child after 1 week of home rental


“Omg! I absolutely love brain training!!! I experienced calm, clarity, and amazing focus. It lifted the chemo brain/ brain fog and I was able to problem solve as well as make decisions with ease.”

Mom of 5


“I have done several rounds of brain training through SuperBrain Neurofeedback over the past six months and believe it has helped me to navigate holiday stress, seasonal depression, challenging family issues, and now, the pandemic  – with greater ease. I also recently launched a new business and feel that I brought a more calm and clear mind to this endeavor thanks to the brain training, combined with my regular mindfulness practice. Carleigh gave me a warm and thorough introduction during my first in-office session, and then made the rental process easy and affordable. She also offered some great strategies for introducing brain training to my husband and sons. We all need to care for our brains during these unprecedented times – I highly recommend both the NeurOptimal technology and Carleigh as your guide for your brain training journey.”

Deb B.

Number of Sessions to See Effects

47% of trainers said they expected to see shifts in 1-5 sessions, and 48% said by 6-10 sessions. Significant positive change was expected by sessions 11-20 for 45% of trainers, while 39% expected it earlier – by 6-10 sessions. 35% said they felt comfortable that the change was both significant and lasting by sessions 11- 20, and 30% said by sessions 21-30.

Booster Sessions

The booster sessions were felt to be either very effective (49%) or extremely effective (19%). The majority of trainers commented upon the increased speed and efficiency of training with a client who has had previous training. One trainer identified in detail what they see in their clients who return:

  • Feelings of contentment, general well being and joy in life.
  • Being able to listen to others more intently.
  • Dramatic increases in musical, artistic and sports performance and continued progress.
  • Prolonged states of calmness and relaxation.
  • Increases in motivation, positive changes and ability to concentrate on tasks.
  • Feeling more aligned with, or finding a purpose in, life.
  • Family members notice changes.

Issues for which NeurOptimal® is Particularly Effective

Trainers were asked to volunteer which issues they found to respond particularly well to training with NeurOptimal®. Their responses are grouped in order of frequency of votes starting with the highest. Within each grouping there is no significance to the order.

  1. Sleep
    ADHD, ADD, focus, concentration, attention

  2. Anxiety

  3. Stress, stress related issues, relaxation, tension

  4. Depression

  5. PTSD, trauma

  6. Migraines, headaches

  7. Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and pain related symptoms

    General Well Being

  8. Autism
    Anger, irritability, aggression
    Eating Disorders
    Mood swings, PMS, menopause
    Peak Performance
    TBI (traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome)

  9. Epilepsy
    Aspergers Panic attacks
    GI Problems, Celiac, constipation
    Behavioral Issues, tantrums, melt downs

  10. Dyslexia
    Lyme Disease
    Chemobrain Asthma
    Meditative arts
    Performance Arts
    Specific Noise Disturbance

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