Announcing the Bay Area Brain Spa

Announcing the Bay Area Brain Spa now open!   After a year of collaborating with Angela Martinucci of Mind Balance to bring our monthly neurofeedback community days to as many people as we could, we have partnered to open a full-time community neurofeedback spa to continue to provide affordable neurofeedback and to educate our community […]

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how to help a child with anxiety

How to Help a Child with Anxiety

If you are looking for no unwanted side effects and no medication way to help your child’s anxiety, keep reading! Are you looking for how to help a child with anxiety?  Did you know that neurofeedback has great results?  It’s non-invasive, non-medical, with no diagnosis needed brain training that can be done in-office or in

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NeuroFeedback and Lyme

NeuroFeedback and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can cause the fight-flight stress response system of the central nervous system to overreact.  This can cause symptoms like agitation, brain fog, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.   We know that neurofeedback has a calming and centering effect on the central nervous system with effects directly opposite the Lyme’s Disease symptoms.  People who use neurofeedback

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Neurofeedback and TMJ 2

Neurofeedback and TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is a chronic issue for over 3 million people. There are many things that can cause TMJ, some being a little silly like chewing too much gum, and others pretty serious like arthritis damage in joint cartilage, disc erosion in the jaw, a jaw injury like whiplash or a heavy

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Neurofeedback and Concussions or TBI 4

Neurofeedback and Concussions or TBI

Many people have found great success with brain training while healing from concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI.) TBI is included on the list of issues found to respond very well to brain training according to the 2014 survey of NeurOptimal Trainers world-wide.     The NeurOptimal website includes case studies and research on multiple

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Child brain training with NeurOptimal

Learning More About NeurOptimal

Want to learn more about the science, the background, and the journey of NeurOptimal?  Here are some resources for you to study:   Listen to the creator of NeurOptimal discuss how he came to invent a device that can sample and communicate with the brain in real-time: Some favorite clips: “what kind of mathematics

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In-School Neurofeedback Training for ADHD:Sustained Improvements From a Randomized Control Trial Naomi J Seiner,MD; Elizabeth C. Frenette, MPH; Kirsten M.Rene,MA; Robert T. Brennan, EdD; Ellen C. Perrin, MD OBJECTIVE: To evaluate sustained improvements 6 months after a 40-session, in-school computer attention training intervention using neurofeedback or cognitive training (CT) administered to 7- to 11-year-olds with


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