SuperBrain offers NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Training for the whole family: kids, teens, and adults. 

We welcome all brains, no minimum or maximum age, and no diagnosis needed.

We operate in the Bay Area Brain Spa at 1496 Solano Ave, Albany, Ca.

Neurofeedback Center

COVID safety measures in place. Brain training is mostly contactless. We need less than 2 minutes in your immediate space for hook-up and clean-up. For the 33-minute neurofeedback session, you are relaxing physically distant.  You are welcome to train in the space together with anyone you already are quarantining with.  We can easily accommodate 4 at a time so bring your whole family/COVID-cohort.

Also offering Outdoor Sessions in the Garden

Family Sessions:

Brain training is best when the whole family trains!  Since everyone in relationships are affected by the energy of the people they spend the most time with, you will see the best results when everyone shifts towards their “center” together.

Training the whole family?  A take-home rental might be a good choice.

Group Brain Training

During a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training session you can:

  • relax or nap
  • sit and read
  • watch the visualizations
  • play with some toys or puzzles
  • do homework or work
  • use a phone or laptop
  • and if needed can watch a movie (good option for young ones who can’t sit easily for 33 minutes)
NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Training for the Whole Family 1


Brain training is cumulative and lasting.  Each session gets you closer to an optimized brain.  It’s an investment worth making.

Online Scheduling

Due to CODIV-19, we are having to book very carefully so we’ve disabled online booking for now.  Please contact me and let me know what days and times can work for you and I will get you set up.

What does it cost to not optimize? 

  • sleepless nights?
  • homework battles?
  • dysregulation?
  • stressed out?
  • yelling too much?

If you aren’t investing in changing, you are choosing to stay where you are.

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