SuperBrain offers neurofeedback for the whole family and is set up to accommodate brain training for the whole family: kids, teens, and adults.

During a session you can:

  • relax or nap in the zero gravity recliner or overstuffed chair and ottoman
  • sit and read
  • watch the visualizations
  • play with some toys or puzzles
  • do homework or work
  • use a phone or laptop
  • and if needed can watch a movie

Family Sessions:

Brain training is best when the whole family trains!  Since everyone in relationships are affected by the energy of the people they spend the most time with, you will see the best results when everyone shifts towards their “center” together.

I offer family sessions where 2 family members can train at the same time.  

Training the whole family?  A rental might be a good choice.


Brain training is cumulative and lasting.  Each session gets you closer to an optimized brain.  It’s an investment worth making.

Online Scheduling

You can click the “schedule appointment” button to see my standard open appointments.  If there is no time that works for your schedule please contact me and let me know what days and times can work for you and I will try to accommodate.

What does it cost to not optimize? 

  • sleepless nights?
  • homework battles?
  • dysregulation?
  • stressed out?
  • yelling too much?

If you aren’t investing in changing, you are choosing to stay where you are.

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