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Child brain training with NeurOptimal

Want to learn more about the science, the background, and the journey of NeurOptimal?  Here are some resources for you to study:


Listen to the creator of NeurOptimal discuss how he came to invent a device that can sample and communicate with the brain in real-time: lifestylelocker.com/valbrown/

Some favorite clips:
“what kind of mathematics would you need to plot the energetic transforms of consciousness?”

“It came to me, this vision that there would be this self-correcting apparatus, that would read the electrical activity and then feed it back to that brain in ways that would just help it know what it was doing.”

“Each session is unique because each moment of your life is unique. And it’s all about being in the present instead of future-placing yourself and being anxious…”




The History of NeurOptimal

A Letter from Dr. Brown about the science

Historical Perspective on NeurOptimal

The Evolution of NeurOptimal® from a Linear Training Approach to a Non-linear Dynamical Model of Neurofeedback.

NeurOptimal is classified as a general wellness product by the FDA

The Founders:

Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D.
Susan Dermit Brown, Ph.D.


Here are a few other resources available to you to learn more about NeurOptimal®:







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