Neurofeedback and TMJ

neurofeedback and TMJTemporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is a chronic issue for over 3 million people. There are many things that can cause TMJ, some being a little silly like chewing too much gum, and others pretty serious like arthritis damage in joint cartilage, disc erosion in the jaw, a jaw injury like whiplash or a heavy blow and connective tissue diseases that affect your joints.

For many people suffering from TMJ, the pain in the jaw comes from grinding or clenching teeth (Bruxism) and unmanaged stress or anxiety that causes you to tighten facial and jaw muscles. It is important to understand what is causing your jaw pain so you can pick the right path to correction and relief.

While dental professionals can help with mouth guards and corrective work and physical therapists can help with posture and jaw massage, if it’s unmanaged stress that is the root cause of the tension and clenching, then dealing with your nervous system is a great approach to take.

Neurofeedback communicates directly with your central nervous system allowing it to optimize and organize. People find that with brain training sleep improves and stress symptoms begin to melt away. Although the technology is sophisticated, the process is simple, painless, effortless, no side-effects and non-invasive.

My Testimonial for Neurofeedback and TMJ

I’ve suffered from TMJ pain my whole life. When my stress levels get high, I clench and grind in my sleep. Although I have a nightguard to help protect my teeth, it doesn’t prevent the soreness and tender muscles that can extend down my neck and into my head also creating tension headaches. It’s been so bad and so chronic, just about all my molars are fractured now.
I’ve been having craniosacral therapy on my jaw for 20 years. Often, the muscles are so tender the treatment has me in tears.

Recently I had a session with my magical craniosacral therapist and she went in to work on my jaw and there is ZERO tension or tenderness.

One of the many reasons I’m so thankful to have found Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, my stress has reduced to completely manageable, I’m sleeping great, I no longer grind my teeth in my sleep. My TMJ symptoms have reduced to none since I have been training my brain, tension headaches are gone.

Do you clench your jaw? Come train your brain and see if you can turn it off as I have. Your teeth will thank you!


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