Neurofeedback for Parents

Parenting is Stressful!

It doesn’t seem to matter what stage of life you are in with your kids, there is stress.  Add a dysregulated kid or some learning differences to that mix and you will find a seriously stressed parent.

Parents are the Tuning Fork

You already know this: kids feel our stress.  They are the canaries of our coal mine.  If you are struggling to keep it all together (as all parents are) your kids feel your frantic energy.  Depending on their state and their temperament, they may or may not be able to filter your chaos out of their own struggle to navigate life.  When you can be calm and centered, organized and efficient, your children automatically hone in on that and are better able to then deal with their own moment to moment self-regulation.

The Parent Hack to Finding Center

Brain training gives your central nervous system all the cues it needs to de-stress and re-center.  Improved stress management is the 3rd most reported issue that sees significant improvement with NeurOptimal brain training (improvement with sleep, attention and anxiety take the lead.) I have yet to meet a parent who wouldn’t appreciate better sleep and better stress management.

Apply Your Own First

Like the flight attendants faithfully demonstrate and remind us each flight, you have to apply your own oxygen mask if you want to be able to help anyone else.  You might have come to this site because you are looking for a solution for your child but you have to get yourself centered in order to effectively help them with whatever they are needing (and best bet would be to all train together!)

SuperBrain wants all parents to feel calm and centered.

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