Being someone who worked in alternative health I was very interested in NeurOptimal neurofeedback. Having the option of taking a unit home was extremely beneficial. Having the ability to control the frequency and timing of each session allowed for needed flexibility both for life schedules and for integration of the neurofeedback work. I found there were times when my body craved sessions and other times when I felt the need to take a handful of days off. Each person in our family was able to participate and find their own timing and rhythm with the system. We found each of us reacted, integrated and healed in different ways and under different circumstances. Having the ability to rent the system and have it in-house allowed us all to maximize our healing experience both as individuals but also as a family. As a household we were looking for help with a range of issues from wanting better sleep to increased focus & attention to lowering stress and anxiety. Some of us felt shifts after the first session. For others it took longer to feel a significant shift. Common shifts included: feeling more grounded and calm, falling asleep more quickly and waking up rested, being more clear headed throughout the day, having better focus and attention and a significant reduction in stress and anxiety. The system was easy to set-up and use. Since each session was approx 30 minutes we were all able to find the time to schedule it into our day. There was flexibility in how one used the time during the session, allowing for one to work during it if needed – which I felt was key to us keeping up with the sessions. Carleigh Rochon was a joy to work with. She is highly efficient, organized and knowledgable about both neurofeedback and the NeurOptimal system. Any question or problems we ran into she was available and able to help us with. As a parent and business owner with a full schedule she understood many family stresses and was able to help navigate the right timing and approach with NeurOptimal neurofeedback. We owe much of our success not just to the program but also to Carleigh’s professionalism and help in making this program work for our entire family. This was one of the easiest, non-intrusive programs that I have experienced. I am thankful for finding both Super Brain and Carleigh Rochon!

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