“For many years I have dealt with ongoing anxiety and depression. The tools I used most consistently and with varying results have been meditation, yoga, and self-medicating with alcohol. I chose to try NeurOptimal because it is a safe, non-invasive intervention that seems to offer benefits to just about anyone.

The immediate effects I noticed were a sense of calm and clarity that lasted throughout the day. The sessions quickly became something I looked forward to, a respite from the busy day. Over time, I realized I could gain even more benefit by meditating during the session. I set up the system in a quiet, private place, where I could be undisturbed for 33 minutes. I was able to complete 16 sessions over a one-month period. Some changes were very gradual and others revealed themselves suddenly, in an epiphany.

There are several big picture changes that came about during this time that I can only attribute to these brain training sessions. Changes that I’d been considering for quite some time (less screen time, improved diet, decrease in alcohol intake) seemed to evolve with significantly less effort on my part after feeling quite stuck for some time in these areas. My relationships improved noticeably as my communication became clearer and less heated, with a greater feeling of connection. Even small talk with the hairdresser came with more ease and enjoyment. I became more aware of patterns of negative thinking such as negative self-talk and catastrophizing as they were happening and was able to avoid continuing down these paths. I began to be able to identify the behaviors that contribute to my anxiety such as frenzied activity without being bothered by them

My experience with NeurOptimal was all positive. Carleigh is very passionate and knowledgeable about the NeurOptimal system. She was available when I needed her and provided as much explanation, research, and discussion as I asked. The sessions gave me an increased self-awareness that allowed me to shift direction in a subtle way towards a healthier path. It’s a shift that may be hard for others to measure and understand directly, but for me, it has been substantial.

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